New Tarion Stabilizer Video

Together with Youtube Channel Ultimate-FX we showcase what is possible with our Stabilizer. Enjoy your trip to New York and back to Germany.


New Slider TS-2

This slider is specially designed for stable continuous filming. The updated material and technology provide better stability and smoothness.


Flash TF600

The TARION TF600 is designed with built-in 2.4G wireless flash transmission to support transmitting and receiving. The 1/8000 high speed sync, wireless remote control, multi-flash and manual focus assist functions make your shooting much simpler. You can easily achieve a correct flash exposure even in complex lighting-changing environment.


New DSLR Monitor

This 7″ TARION M7/O/P monitor can provide 1280×800 full HD resolutions. It is designed with HDMI input/output and integrates the column, waveform and vector scope & audio level meter into field monitor. The metal body can makes a better protection.



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We are passionate photographers and video producers ourselves and use our own equipment to film little ads and helpful guides. Please leave a comment and subscribe to our Youtube channel.


About Tarion

Tarion was built around the idea, that nothing is perfect but everything can be improved.

Striving for Perfection

Our strength lies in improving and equipping existing products in the photography and smartphone sector. Whether it’s camera accessories or smartphone gadgets, we provide high quality equipment for your favorite devices.

We are working continuously to improve and innovate new products for amateurs and professionals around the world. We especially dedicate ourselves to young people, who are purchasing their first kit of equipment. We take this introduction into the world of photo and film as a big responsibility and hope to provide quality products for a fair price.

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