Steadicam vest & arm

The fixing knob can be used to adjust the height of the vest.
With double damping arm and connection arm.
The load arm can be inserted easily into the vest slots.
The inside diameter of the handle is 16mm, which is connected with the arm pin.
Magic arm with elastic adjustment knob.
The high precision bearings are designed according to the simulation of human hand
For flexible manipulation.
The arm can be quickly connected to the vest port.
Allow to film at high and low angle.
Be able to extend more features and functions.
Easy to install and uninstall.

Product Description

This load vest is simplified, with a thinner chest plate and a single button to adjust its height. It is easier and more flexible to handle. The structural design of stabilizer features a single arm with high precision bearings, makes handling more flexible. The arm can be in collocation with the magnificent hand stabilizer. It can be widely used on all types of professional camcorders, SLR, DSLR cameras and etc.

Additional Information


Body weight: approx. 4200kg / 148oz
Load capacity: approx. 1 ~ 5kg / 35 ~ 176oz
Material: aluminum alloy
Connection to arm: 16 mm diameter
Range of arm: 600 mm
Max. Load : 6 kg
Weight: approx. 4200 g

Package Includes

1X Waistcoat (Brand: TARION)
1X arm