TR-SD60 60cm Slider Dolly

4 removable smooth rubber wheels can be used as a dolly for curve filming. Adjustable feet for ideal shooting height when wheels are not used.

Adopts 4 adjustable low-resistance roller bearings, higher load-bearing, more smooth and stable. Equipped with standard ARCA SWISS groove, perfect for being directly installed on ball head, no quick-release plate needed.

Scientific and unique design on both ends, block the slide plate and prevent it from impact and scratch. Upgraded ends design bring a maximum use of the track length.

Integrated brake screw design, more efficient and can decrease friction. A rubber pad part on slide plate, anti-slip and shock resistant.

Slide plate support both 1/4″ and 3/8″ interface for versatile usage. Extra 1/4″ and 3/8″interface on both ends, easily fixed on tripods. 24″ total length allows the carrier platform approximately 15″ of liner slide in between both axles

Product Description

This TARION TR-SD60 slider dolly stabilizer is a high quality product which is specially designed for stable continuous filming. It can be widely used on all kinds of professional camcorders, SLR, DSLR cameras, etc

Additional Information


Brand: TARION.
Model: TR-SD60.
Material: high-quality aluminum alloy.
Length: approx. 60cm/24″
Width of the axles: approx. 7″ from wheel to wheel.
Load bearing: approx. 10lb.
Weight: approx. 1750g.
100% Brand new

Package Includes

1 x TR-SD60 Slider Dolly
1 x Original Package