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Tarion Pro C01 and FH01

For those looking to up their game

Tough and versatile

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All about C01 and fh01

The C01 and FH01 is specially designed for professional and heavy use with most cameras even ones like Black Magic to ensure you have flawless grip and stability to perfectly capture those moments.

FH01 Fluid Head

FH01 fluid head is made entirely of aluminum that features vertical tilt reaching an upward angle of 90° and downward angle of 80°, as well as horizontal pan that allows smooth 360° panoramic shooting. Also includes adjustable bowl base that allows drag, pan, tilt even in the most angled shots without compromising creativity.

Quick Lock

C01 features a quick lock and release mechanism on each legs so it can be set up fast and without hassle.

Mid-Level Spreader

Flip lock mid-level spreader gives increased stability and rigidity for faster set up and leg angle adjustments as well.

TRP-C01 and FH01

This versatile tripod is quick and simple to set up and take down thanks to the quick release leg locking clip at the mid-level spreader. This tripod is the solution to your photography and videography needs.

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Carbon Fiber Telescopic Legs

Three section telescopic legs are made entirely of carbon fiber to perfectly support its payload while delivering maximum performance.

Spiked Feet

Removable rubber leg protectors and spiked feet allows firm and steady grip on multi-terrains.

TRP-C01 and FH01

Developed for photographers and videographers that require something more. The C01 and FH01 are geared towards giving maximum performance for professional work.

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