Yongnuo YN565EXII Flash (Canon)
Yongnuo YN565EXII Flash (Canon)
Yongnuo YN565EXII Flash (Canon)
Yongnuo YN565EXII Flash (Canon)
Yongnuo YN565EXII Flash (Canon)
Yongnuo YN565EXII Flash (Canon)

Yongnuo YN565EXII Flash (Canon)

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Product Features:

  1. Supporting Canon and Nikon Wireless TTL Slave Mode
  2. TTL Flash with very powerful guide number,via master flash on camera, camera with built -in commander mode,optical S1 and S2.
  3. Auto and manual zoom functions,Has a 24-105mm focal length, supports full-frame / half- frame camera
  4. Full support TTL Functions FEC, FEB, Rear-curtain sync, FE lock, Modeling Light, Menu Access of Canon camera
  5. Higher Speed of Charging Recycle It only takes 3 seconds to finish a charging cycle after a full level output, you can even use external power pack to accelerate the charging speed.
  6. Advanced Features:
    a) Charging Socket for External Flash Pack ( You can buy SF-18 C or SF-17 C )
    b) PC Port ( You can buy 3.5mm PC Sync Cable to fit for it ) c), Sound Prompt System --- Different sound stands for different working status,it's more convenient for you to operate.
  7. Modeling Light Function Under the function of depth-of fired preview in Camera, 565 will provide one more second continuous light.
  8. Advanced Setting and Automatic Saving Setting, Overheating Protection.
  9. Wireless Sensor

Advanced Application:

  1. Ultra-Long-Range Wireless flash ( Indoor : 25m, ourdoor: 15m )
  2. Flash Exposure Compensation
  3. Rear-Curtain Sync
  4. FEB
  5. FE Lock
  6. Advanced Setting
  7. The use of external Flash Pack
  8. High-Speed continuous Shooting
  9. Reflection Flash
  10. Using Reflection Board to take photoes
  11. Use wide-angle Diffuser Suitable Camera and Flashes in Wireless TTL Slave mode: Camera: Canon 7D, 60D, 600D Flash: Canon 580EX II, Nikon Nikon SB-900, SB-800, SB-700 Suitable Camera in TTL function: Canon 5D II 30D 40D 50D 350D 400D 450D 500D 550D 600D 1000D 1100D Canon Rebel XS XSi XTi T1i T2i T3 Suitable Camera in S1 / S2 mode: Any DSLR camera with standard hot shoe