Beginner's Photography Kit

With so many choices in the market, we know it can be overwhelming especially for starting photographers. Check out this guide to get an idea of what to get as a start.

Buyer’s Guide – Beginner’s Kit

When you’re starting out, all you need is a camera and some lenses. At some point, you will feel the need to up your game. To some, this means getting a bunch of accessories, but for a beginning photographer, all you need is just a couple.


Camera Tripod

The most important equipment for any photographers is perhaps the tripod. A tripod is basically a must-have for any kind of photography, especially night, landscapes, and portrait photography. It gives you the extra stability for the perfect shot as well as the angles that you normally can’t achieve.

Tarion tripod

The Tarion-999 is a camera tripod that also works as a monopod. It comes with a ball head, quick release plate, and a max bearing load of 8kg. When purchasing a tripod, keep in mind its material, stability, and security. Don’t buy cheap flimsy tripod made from plastic, it will most likely break after a while and you wouldn’t want your camera on it when it happens.


Tarion slider

Into videography and cinematography? You should definitely invest in a slider. The reason is simple, a slider or a dolly, which is a slider on wheels, offers smooth controlled movements that you usually can’t achieve elsewhere. Those tracking shots you see in movies, they’re shot using a dolly.  Those shots help bring life to videos and add that cinematic feel to them. When it comes to sliders, you need stability so that your videos are as smooth as possible, so don’t ever cheap out on flimsy and unreliable sliders.

Volador slider

The Volador slider is a great option for both beginners and veterans alike. There’s nothing fancy to it, it’s lightweight, portable, and easy to set up. It comes in 12 and 20 inches, along with a rotation platform that pans as it slides, like a motorized slider. So why pay a premium for a motorized slider when Volador can do the same?


camera strap

If you don’t already have a camera strap, get it. Here’s a list of why a camera strap is important:

  1. Keeps your camera from hitting the ground
  2. Changes lens faster when your camera is hanging off your neck
  3. Harder to steal the camera off your neck than your hand
  4. Prevents knocks when you’re in a crowd
  5. Keeps your hands free

The Tarion Black Weave is a simple and secure strap made of cotton yard and PU leather, it sits comfortably on your neck, and it is vintage and timeless in design.

Tarion Black Weave

There are all sorts of straps out there ranging from neck straps and wrist straps to belt clips and holsters. Pick one that looks nice and secure because it will be your camera’s lifeline. Try to look for straps that are tough and comfortable, a good strap should be able to bear the weight of your camera whilst hanging off of your neck, not digging into it. It shouldn’t put too much pressure onto the back of your neck.

Camera Bags

Tarion Camera bags

Camera bags come in many forms, there are shoulder bags, backpacks, sling bags. If you’re a beginner photographer and your gear is minimal, a shoulder bag like the RS-01 will do just fine.

Camera bags

If you have a larger collection of gear, we suggest backpacks like the M-02 or the RB-01 and RB-02 would be a better option. When purchasing a camera bag, always look for properties like water, shock, and abrasion-resistant.

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