Nikon releases Vlogger camera Z30

Nikon’s new Z30 Vlogging camera

Nikon has released official news of its new Vlogging camera the Z-30 - available for preorder.



It’s aimed at people wanting more than their smartphone can offer, and in a wallet-friendly price of £699 for the body only, with currently three packages:



There’s no EVF, presumably as the intended market wouldn’t need one, but this probably won’t put people off buying this as a capable stills camera.



Key Video Features:

  • 4K UHD 30p video, 120p Full HD Slo-Mo. Timelapse
  • 125 mins continuous recording time
  • WiFi and Bluetooth
  • Nikon SnapBridge App for streaming or remote control via mobile phone
  • Built-in stereo microphone
  • Select to record voice or ambient sound
  • Wind reduction option
  • Vari-angle monitor with auto-selfie mode when  faced forward
  • Record button on top easily accessible in landscape or portrait
  • Red border around the display confirms recording video as well as a front red light. Full-time video AF with e-VR for steady images
  • USB-C connection for powering the camera while charging or changing battery
  • Nikon Webcam Utility to use the Z30 as a high quality webcam.

key stills features:

  • CMOS DX-Format 20.9MP sensor
  • Maximum ISO 25,600 (Video), 51,200 (Stills)
  • Excellent low light AF performance
  • Uncluttered displays
  • Settings for video and stills can be saved separately
  • A deep grip enhances the handling of a small camera
  • 20 Creative Picture Controls via phone
  • Shutter 30s – 1/4000s

Some stills from Nikon - more available here:



The use of digital cameras for all types of video work is growing as technology puts into the hands of everyone the ability to record in high quality and do post production. In the face of falling stills camera uptake, Vlogging is one area of growth that manufacturers can invest in with a good chance of ROI. It seems Nikon is pitching this at the right time, and perhaps Vloggers, will be enticed by a dedicated camera and accessories that costs less than a high end phone and yet offers much more for the intended use.

From Nikon UK:

Nikon is delighted to announce a game-raising vlogging camera, the Nikon Z 30. Small, capable, and super-simple to use, the Z 30 mirrorless camera is for anyone who wants to move beyond a smartphone and create better-looking, better-sounding vlogs—plus keep photo feeds engaging with richly detailed stills.

Product unboxings to recipes, travel to parkour, the Z 30 makes it easy to create vibrant, professional-looking vlogs that have the clarity, depth, and clear sound you’d expect from top-class vloggers and streamers. The camera’s DX-format image sensor (which is much larger than a smartphone’s image sensor) enables the kind of sharp, richly detailed video that’s just not possible to achieve with a smartphone. Vloggers can record long takes with up to 125 minutes of uninterrupted video footage¹, and full-time autofocus is available while recording. The Z 30 uses the full width of its sensor to enable a 100% field of view (approx.)—and audio quality is excellent, courtesy of the camera’s built-in stereo mic or an external microphone.

It’s never been easier to create content that pops straight from the camera, and there’s no limit to the stories that can be told using the Z 30—and Nikon’s rapidly expanding range of NIKKOR Z lenses. The vari-angle touchscreen monitor makes it easy to shoot from any angle, and a deep grip allows stable handheld shooting, even when holding the camera at arm’s length. Changing the look of a vlog is as easy as changing lenses, and the Z 30 is packed with advanced automatic functions for even more creative control. However vloggers imagine their content evolving, the Z 30 gives them the space to turn those ideas into reality.





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