Why You Need (A) START IN PHOTOGRAPHY   I get quite often the question of how I started in photography. Despite being my case and particular s...

News: 2022 Open competition World Photography Awards winners announced

The World Photography Organisation has announced the 2022 Open competition Winners' & Shortlist. Over 170,000 images were entered to this year...

Why do we take photographs

    A cynic once said to me that your great grandchildren won’t care about anything you’ve achieved in your life, your memories, stories, or any...

Field of view lens comparison

  A while back I sought to answer "visually" what a lot of people asked across multiple forum posts over time: "How much more field of view do I g...

Evolution of camera bags

A quick look at how the modern camera bags came into being.

Do I need a field monitor for video?

(TLDR; the answer is probably yes!) Photography, stills or video, is about capturing light to create a scene worthy of attention, something that co...

Portrait Lighting Techniques All Photographers Need

Here are some different lighting techniques you can use to flatter your portrait subject.

How to Choose The Right Camera Bag

Finding the ideal bag can be quite difficult. Tarion will teach you how to choose the right camera bag.

Beginner's Photography Kit

Check out this guide to get an idea of what to get as a start. Buyer’s Guide – Beginner’s Kit.