(Y)Our Story

When I first thought of what my generation can do with the camera, I thought there is no way I can do it too.

Striving for Perfection

Our strength lies in improving and equipping existing products in the photography and smartphone sector. Whether it’s camera accessories or smartphone gadgets, we provide high quality equipment for your favorite devices.


Founded in Berlin 


Tarion Pro


Tarion Live




In the past, these tools were just for the studios, and the directors, and people with huge bank accounts.

For Creators

We are working continuously to improve and innovate new products for amateurs and professionals around the world. We especially dedicate ourselves to a new generation of content creators, who are pursuing their first kit of equipment. 

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But now, now it’s for everyone, and that changes everything.

Your Way

When products are beyond what you see, they become reflections of the insights and experiences gathered from our enthusiastic community. We constantly integrate fresh ideas in R&D, ensuring the outcomes stay in line with your desires and changing needs.